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Sábado 01 de Octubre de 2011 16:57

Vídeos relacionados con la beca de inmersión

Going Green

        Video 1     Video 2



  Video 1     Video 2     Video 3


Renewable Energies:

        Video 1     Video 2


Global village:

       Video 1     Video 2

After watching Global village Video 1 and Video 2 , try to answer these questions:

How is your family? How many members?

Have you got a house? a room for you? Can you describe your bedroom?

What do you normally eat? How many meals do you do every day?

Do your parents live? Do your grandparents live?

Do you go to school? Have you got books, computers, and so on in your school?


Video 3     Video 4 


Sustainable Resources:

       Video 1     Video 2


Animals save the planet:

A series of humorous animations, each bringing home one thing we can do to help the environment. You can see the whole series at the Animals Save the Planet website.

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